Each year, Scholarships for Scholars administers additional scholarships on behalf of corporations, organizations and families.  These scholarships provide substantial financial relief for those beginning their post-secondary education, whether it be at a four-year college or university, community college, or vocational school.

Considering sponsoring a scholarship?  Please contact us and we will help guide you through the process to personalize your scholarship and make an impact in the lives of Anne Arundel County students.  The deadline to sponsor a scholarship for each scholarship year is September 1 with payment due on January 1.  The minimum sponsored scholarship amount is $5,000.

We thank the 2022 Scholarship Sponsors who awarded scholarships to a total of 12 high school seniors who have demonstrated excellent academic performance as well as met specific guidelines of the various sponsored scholarships.  We are grateful for our partnerships.

Below are our 2023 Scholarships Sponsors who will award scholarships to a total of 11 high school seniors this spring.



Scholarships change lives

Shane A. Morris II Business

“The Shane A. Morris II Business Scholarship has lifted a weight off my back financially. It has given me the opportunity to afford my schooling without taking out a student loan.”

Kevin B. | Severna Park High School

Zach Schwartz Scholar-Athlete

“The Zach Schwartz Scholar-Athlete Scholarship has made a difference in my life because it allowed me to go to my top choice school. It will help me achieve my academic goals at  the University of Connecticut.”

Audrey W. | Annapolis High School

Crosby Marketing and Media Studies

“The Crosby Marketing and Media Studies Scholarship is very important to me, not only because it has helped me to afford an education, but also because it has shown me that career fields can foster a larger sense of community. I’m a journalism major at the University of Maryland and there is actually a plaque dedicated to Ralph Crosby in the lobby of the journalism building. Entering college with the confidence that the company founded by such an influential person believes in me has been incredibly motivating.”

Kirstin N. | Arundel High School

Bo's Effort

“This scholarship has allowed me to take on more opportunities throughout my freshman year, while working part time. As the scholarship went towards my tuition, I was able to work less hours and still attend my university as a full time student. The hours I didn’t spend working I was able to use shadowing physicians at the nearest children’s hospital, volunteering at my local animal shelter, and exploring the city and mountains that were now my new home. I try to make the most of all of the time that I am given and this scholarship has helped me do just that.”

Caitlin T. | Severna Park High School

George and Ruth Tormey

“In addition to the monetary support, the scholarship empowered me because it served as a reminder that there are people out there who support and believe in me even when I don’t.”

Sarah A. | North County High School

Shore United Bank

“The scholarship I was awarded from Shore United Bank has made me feel comfortable exploring the various opportunities that college has to offer. This generous scholarship has lessened the financial burden of taking extra classes, allowed me to join more clubs and participate in any other beneficial activity available to me. Ultimately, receiving this scholarship has helped me support all that I wish to accomplish in this new chapter of my life.”

Rebecca H. | Old Mill High School

Anne Arundel Retired School Personnel Association

“The scholarship I was awarded made it possible for me to go to a school with a fantastic program for what I want to do, which is music education. This program is allowing me to pursue my passions for both music and for teaching future generations, and hopefully one day I will be able make a difference for my future students. I’m very grateful for this opportunity that I’ve been given.”

Kaitlin M. | Severna Park High School